Camlab Wireless Meter

The wireless pH meter is a perfect example of the work we can achieve working with companies expert in their field. Camlab have been in the scientific and water industry for over 65 years and wanted to revolutionise the pH meter market. A normal pH meter can connect one or perhaps two probes to a control box however the TRUE Science pH meter, with each probe being wireless can connect to 6 probes and potentially more from one meter, a significant improvement. New features are now possible such as remote logging, alarms and sharing results and data through email and other services straight from the meter itself. TRUE Science pH Cap



Wireless Animal Sensor

Well Cow‘s sensor can withstand the incredibly harsh environment of a cow’s stomach and last for an extended period monitoring pH and temperature. Ziconix further developed the radio communications of the sensor and added Bluetooth functionality via a ruggedised hand held reader, suitable for use in the farm environment. The reader collects the data from the sensor and delivers it to a smartphone and then on to the Cloud.
To view the WellCow app that accompanies the hand held reader Well Cow Android app


"Tornado" Temperature Monitoring

One of our most unusual projects but one of the most exciting for an engineer, being underneath a steam engine. The locomotive "Tornado" finished in 2008 is a great feat of engineering and has been running on the mainline for many years. The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust wanted to monitor parts of the engine to ensure parts were not damaged due to heat. This has many difficult challenges and Ziconix were asked to develop a one-off solution to remotely monitor the heat of a metal bearing on the main crank shaft. From a radio perspective it is in a very problematic location, the signal has to travel through a large bulk of water in a metal box (the boiler) and then through and around the frame and working parts of the engine which of course are all metal.