Ziconix Ltd began in early 2007 to develop technology for the mobile telecommunications sector given the rapidly increasing capability of mobile devices. We launched one of the first mobile restaurant booking services and developed apps for healthcare, social networking and other professional services as smartphones developed.

Due to the rise of the iPhone and subsequently other smartphones, connectivity between these devices and other electronic products became expected by users. We recognised a growing need for smaller companies to be able to add Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to their products and began working with them to accomplish this. As the technologies have matured other opportunities arose, where product development costs could be significantly reduced to come within the grasp of the smallest companies and bizarrely the range of product features have increased by replacing expensive interfaces with tablet computers or phones.

One main area of focus over the past few years has been the laboratory and test equipment sector where tablets have been used to connect and control expensive pieces of equipment. With many product features now based on software rather than hardware capabilities it has become viable to roll out new features over time and has enabled companies to launch new products quicker.

Alongside our work with SME's on their products, Ziconix also carries out internal R&D programmes working on new technologies which we believe may benefit our customers in the future.

Today, in addition to working on product development and technologies, we have specialised on getting wireless connectivity in difficult environments. From inside the stomach of a cow being an example! With the advent of IoT and the newer 'Industrial Internet of Things' IIoT, we have great experience to offer companies who are expanding their product range to incorporate additional sensors and wireless connectivity that can provide real benefits for their customers.